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Digital Leaders

Welcome to the Digital Leaders' Page. We are delighted to announce our latest recruits from Year 5.  Come back soon to see what we have been up to! 


Our Digital Leaders

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What are Digital Leaders?


A Digital Leader is a pupil who is part of a Digital Leaders' Team within school, whose role it is to support the use and to further the development of computing in school.


The team is assembled upon application and interview, and will meet once a week during lunchtime.


Pupils are then given training and support to develop specific areas of computing expertise. These areas of expertise can be self determined, or may be a particular request for a specific item of hardware or software.

Once a pupil gains an area of expertise, staff may then request the use of the Digital Leader for a variety of different functions e.g.


  • Test and review new computing resources, which could be websites, software or hardware.
  • Share their skills and expertise with other pupils, classes and teachers via lunchtime drop in and a dedicated digital leader blog.
  • Set up computing equipment in classrooms for teachers.
  • Lead computing clubs.
  • Support teachers in using computing in the classroom.


  • Provide first line Technical Support in school.
  • Staff Trainers.
  • Create how-to video help guides for the website