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This term we will be looking at fairy tales. This involves analysing them and writing our own based on The Emperor's New Clothes.


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We will also be writing our own newspaper report based on the BFG. We will be reading and developing an understanding of how they are written and why they are written. 

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Summer 2

This term we are looking at discussion writing first. This will involve us writing about different points of view, presenting a balanced argument and taking part in debates.

We will be linking this to the General Election and how they use debates to persuade people to vote for them. 


Summer 1

This term we will be reading There's a Pharaoh in our Bath by Jeremy Strong. 



Spring 2 

This half term we will be reading Gulliver's Travel. We will be analysing the text and the structure, leading to us writing our own adventure story. 



Spring 1

This half term we will be reading Wallace and Gromit: A Matter of Loaf and Death. The topic is stories with dilemmas so we will be looking at a number of poems as well that involve characters making difficult decisions. 



Autumn 1

We have enjoyed reading and writing about the story The Firework makers Daughter.