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A young deformed boy lives as a side-show freak. When his father asks him to make a birthday-wish he starts to imagine...

We discussed the expectations some people have for children, without actually seeing that they have other ambitions and their own dreams. We looked at how the boy might have felt and compared his viewpoint to the viewpoints of his father and also to the circus visitors.


In English lessons this half-term, we will be studying a novel called Gold of the Gods by Bear Grylls. The book links with our topic Survival theme and we will be using it as a stimulus for our writing


During reading comprehension lessons, we will be developing strategies for reading and understanding different text types and will be building on our skills in order to answer different types of questions.

Picture 1
Picture 1

The first book in an explosive adventure series from real-life survival expert BEAR GRYLLS


Mission: Survival
Location: The Colombian Jungle
Dangers: Snakes; starvation; howler monkeys


Beck Granger is lost in the jungle with no food, no compass, and no hope of rescue.

But Beck is no ordinary teenager - he's the world's youngest survival expert. If anyone can make it out alive, he can.