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Spring 2


This term we will be reading The Iron Man. We will write character descriptions, retell the story, write our own newspaper reports and create our very own mystery stories.


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Autumn 2 Fables

Autumn 2 Fables 1

We will start the term looking at fables. We will read a variety of them, look at the structure and language and write our own versions.

Later we will look at persuasive letters, look at the layout and features. Then we will write our own.

There's no Place like Preston!

There's no Place like Preston! 1

Autumn 1


Welcome to the 3R English page.


This term we are learning about folk tales. In class we will be reading a variety of folk tales such as Little Red Hiding Hood, The Pied Piper and Hansel and Gretel. We will be

finding out about the characters and story settings. As a class we are going to plan and create our own versions of folk tales.



Later in the term we will be researching Sir Tom Finney which links to our topic of "There's No Place Like Home". We will find out about his life, make notes and create our own biographies about him to share with our friends and families.


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