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Welcome to RAMJS website. We hope you have a lovely summer break. School reopens Tuesday 4th September

Exciting Times!

STEM Week!!

This week is STEM week. The children will be taking part in all sorts of experiments and activities. Today the children had the opportunity to go into space! They wore virtual reality goggles and were astronauts that travelled into space and found out many amazing facts! 

As part of STEM Week, we held an egg drop competition. The children had to make protection for their egg that was going to be dropped from a 2 metre height. A class full of engineers! 
We went on a trip to Springfields to help us learn about our topic Electricity. We learnt how electricity is made and how it flows through different objects.

Springfields Trip

Collective Worship


Every Tuesday, we do collective worship in class. The children take it in turns to plan and deliver collective worship to the class. 

Picture 1


This term in Science we are looking at skeletons in both human and animal bodies. An important function of a skeleton is to support our bodies. So we use marshmallows and cocktail sticks to represent how bones support our body.