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Autumn 1

This half term we will be starting the new Maths No Problem scheme. This involves children partaking in lots of discussion about different methods and how efficient they are. We will be looking at place value, addition and subtraction. 




Summer 2

This half term we will be looking at consolidating a lot of our skills we have learnt over the year. This includes:


- Place value 

- Statistics 

- Using statistics

- The four operations

- Shape 


Spring 2 

This half term we are going to be looking at:

- Mental and written multiplication and division.

- Column addition.

- Place value.

- Shape and position.

- Statistics. 


Here are some useful websites:


Spring 1


This half term we will be:

- Developing our place value knowledge, including negative number. 

- Fractions.

- Division.

- Position and direction. 

- Area and multiplication. 


Here are some useful websites for this half term:

Autumn 2

This half term we will be looking at:

- Mental multiplication strategies.

- Written multiplication strategies.

- Measuring and length.

- Stastics.


Useful websites to use at home: