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Welcome to RAMJS website. We hope you have a lovely summer break. School reopens Tuesday 4th September


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This half term our focus is on the Ancient Maya Civilization. We will not only be learning who these amazing people where but we will also be delving into some of their amazing inventions and how they have impacted on our lives today. 


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During the first half of Spring Term we will be studying a unit called A Kingdom United. Through this topic we will be primarily developing our history and geography skills. In history we will be studying the decline of the Picts and the invasion of the United Kingdom by the Anglo Saxons.


To accompany this we will also be studying the geographical features of the United Kingdom which will include the use of map work, both electronic and paper based as well as a range of other skills such as land use.

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To kick start the year we are going to be studying Earth and Space as our first topic. This topic is mainly science based and consists of developing our astronomy skills to investigate the phenomena of the universe including our solar system, how day and night occur, how we have seasons and much more.