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SCHOOL WILL REMAINS OPEN FOR KEY WORKER CHILDREN ONLY--work is available on the Class Pages for families who are self isolating- 'Work Set During Corona Outbreak' and is marked by a BLUE FLOWER-LCC Advice marked by a RED flower


Wednesday 25th March 2020

Wednesday 25th March 2020 1
Wednesday 25th March 2020 2
Wednesday 25th March 2020 3
You need to follow the steps to uplevel these sentences so that they are the best they can be! There are 3 sheets to choose from, some sheets are harder than others - choose the level of challenge that you want!

Tuesday 24th March 2020

I have uploaded some pages for you to read through on to Seesaw on how to use speech marks - please read through this before you complete the following activity. This activity can be added to the note on Seesaw or uploaded as a written or seperate document. 



Copy out the sentences that need seech marks and put speech marks in the right place. 1) Samiha said, I don't like roller coasters.

2) Jess said that she wasn't scared.

3) Have you ever been on one? said Jess.

4) Samiha nodded and said, it was awful.


Choose the adjective from the brackets that best describes the person speaking:

1) "Go to the shop and buy me a chocolate bar," said Alex. (bossy / friendly)

2) "Why aren't we there yet?" asked Evie. (impatient / laid-back)


Write a conversation between two of your family members (you can be involved), use the correct punctuation and try to include action e.g. As quick as a flash, my little sister ran in to the living room holding a book. "Look mum!" said Sarah, "I drew a picture!" She was so excited that she couldn't stand still. Mum was busy on the comuter but when she heard Sarah yeling she looked up. "Wow Sarah! What a beautiful butterfly." On the page was a large, beautiful butterfly, some of the colours had gone outside the line but it was her best drawing yet!

Monday 23rd March 2020

Monday 23rd March 2020 1

For today's english lesson I would like you to use this story starter to create your own story. Your story must continue where this starter finishes. Your target is to include: - two sentences beginning with a fronted adverbial (this can be for when, where or how) - one sentence must include a relative clause - a sentence beginning with an -ed or -ing starter (CHALLENGE: Use one of each) Make sure that you try to create suspense in your writing. Think about what genre (type) of story you are writing - is it a mystery or a horror - and try to keep your reader interested. Think about what ambitious vocabulary you can include, try to use a thesaurus! Either type your story and upload it on to seesaw (by pressing add response) or take a picture of your written work (try to make the image as clear as possible please!) and upload it on to seesaw. Any questions please ask on seesaw or on classdojo! I look forward to reading your stories.


If you cannot access seesaw or classdojo please complete this task in your homework book and return back to school when we reopen - if this is the case it is crucial that you put a date on your work!