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Food glorious food

We have been enjoying doing lots of science experiment. We investigated dissolving.

We made sherbet and observed the scientific processes.

We investigated how to speed up dissolving and if there is a limit to how much solute (sugar) can dissolve in the solvent (water). We found that it became saturated after 6 sugar cubes.

We investigated how to separate different substances once they had been mixed. We discovered some were irreversible changes as chemical reactions occurred like citric acid mixed with vinegar which bubbled to create CO2. We also found some changes could be reversed through evaporation and condensation (salt soulution). Some, like flour and water, could be separated by filtering.

We investigated reversible and irreversible changes through heating and cooling. We melted butter, chocolate, ice and candle wax. These were reversible changes. 


We we also heated egg and bread but these changes were irreversible as they cooked the items and caused chemical reactions. 

To end the topic we mad bread and created our own videos all about reversible and irreversible changes and dissolving.