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If your child is displaying a high temperature, a continuous cough or loss of taste or smell-these are symptoms of Covid-19- please seek advice from NHS and ensure to quarantine for 14 days-further advice on our school website and Facebook page.

Internet Safety

To begin the year the children used a free website to make their own word clouds - all about themselves. They edited the colours, shapes and fonts. 






For the first half of the Autumn term our focus was on the first pillar of being Internet legends: Internet Sharp. We thought about what we share online and what should be kept private. Using Interland, we were able to decide what was appropriate to share and with who online. We analysed some fake friend book profiles and identified possible dangers from over sharing online.

During Autumn 2 we looked at being Internet Alert and not falling for fake emails, websites and media! We sorted emails into real and fake using top tips we have learnt about looking at the URL and sender address.