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SCHOOL WILL REMAINS OPEN FOR KEY WORKER CHILDREN ONLY--work is available on the Class Pages for families who are self isolating- 'Work Set During Corona Outbreak' and is marked by a BLUE FLOWER-LCC Advice marked by a RED flower

School Council


We are the School Council and our job is to make sure that the pupils here at Ribbleton Avenue Methodist Junior School have their voices heard.

It is one of our rights as a child to be listened to so our aim is to make sure that this happens!



If anyone has any concerns or ideas that they think would make our school a happier, safer place to be then please speak to a School Council Representative please see below.


Our School Councillors

Our School Councillors 1

School Council Minutes

School Council Minutes 1
School Council Minutes 2
School Council Minutes 3

School Council Agendas

School Council Agendas 1
School Council Agendas 2
School Council Agendas 3

Certificates and Accrediations

Certificates and Accrediations 1
Certificates and Accrediations 2
Certificates and Accrediations 3
Certificates and Accrediations 4